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Your tap is leaking and the sink is getting messy. Your sewer line got blocked and the washrooms are no go zones. All this is happening under the nose of the estate agent who has been sleeping on the job. Do not worry because you can get yourself a Service Professor plumber and he will do all this for you. Here is how to get yourself one.


1. Get Referrals

You can enquire from friends or neighbors for referrals and even request to work done previously from them same referrals. Browse the internet and check online reviews. Are they good? Search their names or business names online and social media to see how they interact with their clients.


2. Know How Long They Have Been In The Business

Reputable plumbers will be able to answer you without a stammer and not disappear. The shady ones will disappear or fail to answer your questions. If they have been in the business for long, surely they are the right people.


3. Make Sure They Have A Plumbing Grand Rapids License

A service professor plumber must have a valid plumbing license and fully covered by insurance that protects you and your neighbors in case of a problem.


4. Confirm Their Guarantee

A professional plumber should be able to give a guarantee of the materials he is going to use. What if he replaces them today and they get broken tomorrow? Will you pay again for the same work? Ensure the plumber gives a guarantee of at least one and half years.


5. Ask For The Quotation

After you are comfortable with plumbing technician, ask him to quote the price. Professional plumber do not quote their price over the phone. A service professor will quote while at front of the job. It will be unsatisfactory for plumber to quote a price and after the work is done he changes the initial one. If they are paid in terms of hours, make sure it starts while at work not after he leaves the office.


6. Ensure You Have The Right Materials Installed

Most of the plumbers do a shoddy job and run away. Demand that you need the right materials installed like with pipers, gaskets and shower heads. The minute you detect any dishonesty, get rid of them. when the delay, arrive late or are no show guys making you to constantly be on their heels, is a clear sign they are not good at their work.


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